Glacier Products Ltd
started operations in Nairobi in 1979

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  • 27 March , 2018
  • Nairobi ice-cream maker supplying United Nations

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A list of a company’s customers is an invaluable treasure that is crafted slowly. After 23 years, Glacier Products who are the makers of Kenya’s chocolate brand Dairyland, have, among other corporate entities, the United Nations as their customer.

Dipam Shah, the managing director, says they bought the company in 1995 from original owners to make it bigger.

Indeed, Glacier Products, who value their Kenyan business turnover at Sh1 billion, are the makers of ice-cream, chocolate and whipping cream used for making cakes and lattes.

It was started in 1979 as a small scale ice-cream manufacturer on Nairobi’s Pemba Street.

We took over in 1995 with the intention to grow this business and we have done just that,” said Mr Shah, an accountant by profession.

The first thing upon taking over was to revamp the company by introducing technology in its processes aimed at boosting volumes and churning out products that appeal to the end user, he said.

Comprehensive market research, investing in cold chains/delivery vans, re-training of workers and “keen focus on quality of the end product” were part of the revamp, the official said.

Its ice-creams come in varied forms, including corn, lollies and cup thanks to technology, he said. “We are the only African manufacturer to pass the YUM Standards for [a global food firm in Nairobi] and we also meet ice-cream specifications to supply UN missions in Somalia, South Sudan and DR Congo,” Mr Shah said, revealing its prize customers.

The MD said they are certified “under the UKAS accrediation” for food safety, saying it has given them room to supply top clientele.

“The main reason we went for the FSSC 22000 certification was our genuine desire to to ensure that we offer our customers safe products,” said Mr Shah, who said the company has four food scientists in charge of quality assurance.

He added the certification has brought in multinationals who sign deals for supply of custom-made ice-creams.

The company has also partnered with Warner Bros whose images of well-known cartoon characters Glacier is using in new product line targeting children.

Eleven years after buying the company, it introduced Amore Mia (later known as Amore) as the premium brand. To cater for its lower cadre of customers, it unveiled its line of ice cream bars including Fiesta, Mini fiesta, Trio and Salted Caramel.

Glacier Products buys milk from farmers in Limuru and Kinangop and does 20,000 litres of ice cream a day.

Over the past seven years, the company has been investing Sh100 million annually, according to the managing director, to maintain standards, something that has earned them a Superbrands rating in East Africa.

It operates depots in Mombasa, Dar es Salaam, Kampala and Arusha and has 350 contract and permanent employees.

In 2015, the company introduced Chocolart, a chocolate brand after “we spotted a niche in the market for chocolate and started small scale, but we have since switched to doing it large scale.”

The chocolate plant located in Kikuyu produces a tonne daily, but targets four tonnes in the future, he said without giving a date.

Catering and contract manufacturing have served as sales drivers, where they manufacture and distributes fruit lollies for Del Monte Foods, the MD said.

Nairobi ice-cream maker supplying United Nations

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If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Yet another benefit to make the free option of playing Slots the best practice before you play in brick and mortar casinos is the availability of many real life casinos games as versions for playing online, as free options of popular Slots. Play them extensively, and build your experience and your sense of risk. Then, with enough practice, you will be ready and primed for playing in offline casinos. Copyright © 2018 SG Interactive. All rights reserved. Bonus designs vary between casinos. They are typically divided into two distinct types; Free Spins or a free amount of money. In both cases, they are used as welcome bonuses for new members, deposit bonuses you get after your first deposit or loyalty rewards for those who have been with a casino for some time. Gifts put iPads, iPhones, gizmos and GoPros. People in the VIP organization furthermore obtain special and personal interest from the own personal accounts administrator who is purchased catering for your particular demands and gaming style. In addition to the pleasant reward there are several different marketing promotions and cash back offers to love with the casino. The casino provide events every day. Ben je toe aan iets nieuws, bijvoorbeeld omdat je veel van de spellen goed kent? Wij zorgen ervoor dat je de nieuwe slots gratis kunt uitproberen, om die goed te leren kennen. Fijn voor de afwisseling en leuk om op een andere manier te spelen. Se vuoi andare via vincitore, è necessaria una ricerca e un’attenta selezione di un bonus giri gratis. Tuttavia, la maggior parte dei giocatori usa l’offerta giri gratis solo per divertimento e per farsi un’idea del sito del casinò.


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Click for a full range of blackjack resources like the history of the game, how to play, card counting, glossary and much more: The house edge over a player in blackjack starts at about 5. 5 percent. By properly hitting and standing, you can improve your odds by over 3 percent. Hitting and standing are the two most important playing actions in blackjack. A blackjack player must know the strategy for standing in blackjack, based on their cards and the dealer’s cards, to maximize their chances of winning. Blackjack was first devised in the 1700s, popularised in French casinos of the time. Some scholars argue that its origins span back much further in time, possibly even to the Romans, who were known to play similar numerical gambling games using inscribed wooden blocks in place of playing cards. But it wasn’t until the early 1960s that blackjack strategy gained prominent mainstream appeal. We currently have 1 complaints directly about this casino in our database, as well as 6 complaints about other casinos related to it. Because of these complaints, we\'ve given this casino 9,329 black points in total, out of which 8,552 come from related casinos. You can find more information about all of the complaints and black points below. $88 No Deposit Bonus In this case, cal nev casino you should find that Monopoly Bingo has more chances for you to earn free bingo games. In addition, the only thing that can save you from going bust is proper bankroll management. Private: Create a private table to challenge your friends, like the constant drone from a bee buzzing around the room. It may sound like an old wives’ tale, Bet-at-home and BetFirst on the list of the top 10,000 world sites while all other online bookmakers are outside the ranks of the most visited 10,000 sites worldwide. However, pulling Marion down with him. If you’ve ever seen the Florida judicial system work, of course.


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Lucky Win Casino is another decent experience. It boasts several casino games. They include slots, Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, and more. Most of the game types also have tournaments so you can play for keeps. Like most, it includes a daily refresh in case you lose all of your chips. You can also send chips and other gifts to friends. It’s about as run-of-the-mill of a casino game as you can find. However, it has also managed to not anger most of its players. That’s a fairly admirable accomplishment in the casino games genre. Online real money slots are games, which can bring you not only great pleasure but also impressive jackpots. Is it not a dream of every gambler to play slots you can win real money? While you choose free online slots, you cannot experience such strong emotions, when you spend time with real money gambling. That is why play free slots for real money deserves your attention. The best mobile casinos will allow you to play at no cost. This means that you don’t have to make a deposit to begin playing. In most cases, you’ll be able to download a free version of the mobile casino app and begin playing immediately. After you have made your deposit, however, you may have upgrade to a paid version. Z. Smit is referring to the exclusive R300 free No Deposit Bonus that has been negotiated by for all players that it refers to SilverSands Casino. Using the coupon code NDC300, players get R300 in free credits to play the hundreds of slot games at the online casino, without having to deposit a cent into their account. Technology is a wonderful thing, especially when it means that all of your favorite casino games are now available on mobile devices. Most of the existing game manufacturers develop mobile-accessible versions of each of their casino games, ensuring players can enjoy everything online gambling has to offer.


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Anyone new to the game of Blackjack will appreciate a brief run-down of the rules and strategy. Blackjack is a card game that pits you against the Dealer in a battle of the better hand. In order to win, you must have a higher score than the Dealer, up to a maximum of 21 points. If either you or the Dealer go over 21 points, it’s a bust, which is an automatic loss. Just like there’s an automatic loss, there’s also an automatic win. On occasion, you’ll be dealt a perfect score of 21 through your initial two-card hand. This is called a natural (also called Blackjack), and it’s the best score possible in the game. Not only do you win automatically, you get paid 3:2 instead of the standard 1:1 payout for all other wins. You can play all the range of games for real money, from classic 3-reel slots to video slots, 3D slots, and progressive slots. Also, you can play the same slots (except for some progressive slots) in the demo mode, spending as many virtual credits as you need to get ready to play for real money. The following are the terms and conditions of the \"€88 FreePlay\" promotion (the \"Promotion\"). A free no deposit bonus, for example, lets you play our casino slot games, on us. You can multiply your bankroll if you win with a casino bonus. If not, you still benefit from experiencing our casino platform and seeing all we have to offer. GRATORAMA CASINO gives a exclusive welcome bonus with $ €7 no deposit casino bonus on sign up. Just sign up an account and you get $ €7 in free bonus no deposit are required for this bonus. When you have take your free gift and played with it and you are ready for more action, then you have a 120% casino bonus up to $ €200 waiting for you when you make a first deposit with the bonus code GET120 No deposit bonuses are extremely popular on mobile casinos. Sometimes there’s even an exclusive bonus code for players who’ve downloaded the casino app or play using the mobile site. As mobile gambling is becoming increasingly popular, there’s no surprise that more online casino sites are giving out codes for players using the mobile casino app or simply prefers to play via their smartphone. Check out or list of mobile no deposit bonuses now to try out some of the best casinos around.


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      Dovetail have developed a suite of Good Practice Guides and accompanying tools and resources for the youth alcohol and other drug workers. These guides were developed in close… Also known as the “flying saucer mushroom,” Psilocybe Azurescens is an extremely potent species of magic mushroom. It is believed to grow naturally, only along a small area of the West Coast of the United States. Although, it has since been cultivated in many countries around the globe. There are health claims that magic mushrooms can help in the treatment of mental illnesses. They are famous for their recreational use. Despite the close similarity, there are more than 180 strains of psilocybin mushrooms with different features for distinguished trips. This optimism has also been reflected in Canada’s capital markets. Since the beginning of 2020, over 20 psychedelics companies have been listed on Canadian stock exchanges, including a number of companies focused on the research and development of psilocybin-related products. Additionally, this year, the world’s first-ever psychedelics-focused exchange-traded fund (“ETF”) was listed on the NEO Exchange in Canada. This ETF and corresponding Index includes multiple companies operating in the burgeoning psilocybin industry. “The recent grant of the section 56 exemption by the Minister of Health for the legal use of psilocybin may represent a watershed moment for further exemptions on a similar basis,” said McMillan LLP in a news release. Once relegated to the far-out domain of Deadheads and counterculture folk looking to turn on, tune in and drop out, psychedelic drugs are having a moment again. But don’t call it a comeback—or even a flashback. Two UVic alumni are among the researchers studying the potential of psychedelic-assisted therapies for use in hard-to-treat conditions. In fact, they say, these misunderstood medications could launch a paradigm shift in mental-health treatment in Canada.


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Imposibil să confunzi culoarea galben a acestui brand. Este un simbol al platformei, care se regăsește în interfață. Partea de superioară conține toate butoanele care contează. De la cele de “Lobby”, “Casino App”, “Sloturi”, “Jackpoturi”, “Jocuri de Masă” sau “Top Jocuri” și până la “Promoții”. Pictogramele jocurilor sunt mari și oferă acces instant la conținut. Interfața este disponibilă în limbile română și engleză. Potrivit Codului Fiscal, câștigurile de până la 66.750 lei realizate ca urmare „a participării la jocurile de noroc caracteristice cazinourilor, cluburilor de poker, slot-machine și lozuri sub valoarea sumei neimpozabile de 66.750 lei, inclusiv, realizate de contribuabil pentru fiecare venit brut primit”. Lista cazinourilor online internaționale deschise jucătorilor români include și Casinozer, un concept de platformă tematică (high tech) cu jocuri de noroc care pare interesantă la prima vedere. De aceea, în cele ce urmează, vom analiza în detaliu cât de avantajos este acest cazino pentru jucătorii din România! Mie îmi place Pokerstars în special pentru diversitatea de turnee oferite. Câștigă premii premii garantate, de obicei foarte consistente dacă le raportăm la taxele de înscriere. O cameră foarte populară vine și cu dezavantaje. De ex, în fiecare turneu de poker sunt foarte mulți concurenți, deci este foarte greu să ne clasăm pe locuri fruntașe. De asemenea, la Pokerstars vom da de mulți jucători foarte buni. Ei abia așteaptă să profite de pe urma începătorilor, deci ai mare grijă dacă joci poker pentru prima dată. Da, o mare parte din cazinourile online licențiate oferă posibilitatea de a testa jocurile în mod gratuit, cu fonduri virtuale. Astfel poți încerca întâi un joc sau un site de gambling pentru a vedea dacă se merită să deschizi un cont și să efectuezi o depunere. De asemenea, sunt jucători care nu sunt interesați de câștiguri și care vor să se joace doar de distracție. Acest mod de a juca online gratis de pe orice PC, telefon sau tabletă este cu siguranță pe placul lor.


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That’s all there is to it. The icon will appear on your home screen and you can rearrange it, just like a real casino app, with direct access to online casino games. Whilst our quick start guide focuses on iPhones and Android, you can set up home screen bookmarks in similar ways on other types of smartphone. There are many different real money casinos found in the UK, most of which offer an honest and fair playing experience. Our top recommended casinos online are 100% secure both in terms of game fairness and compliance to regulations. This means you can deposit and withdraw winnings securely, play great games, receive big bonuses and mobile players can play on-the-go. Unfortunately, it is not possible to win real money from free slots online. It is just free casino slot games for fun no download option. Playing slots for fun is a rewarding endeavor as it helps players learn strategies and get better before eventually playing with real money. Visit Prism Casino I wish to receive your exclusive bonuses! code: MH7MM If your last transaction was a free bonus please make a deposit before using this bonus. If your last transaction was a free chip then make a deposit before claiming this one or you will not be able to cash out your winnings. The free spins are by their very nature limited to one type of casino game (e.g. slots). This tends to make it more restrictive than the other types of bonuses. However, for the people looking for a risk-free way to try out new slot game titles offered by online casinos, it can be a very handy type of bonus. Free cash bonuses will often have several restrictions placed on them, which will be covered in greater detail in the wagering requirements section below. code: JJGMG I wish to receive your exclusive bonuses!


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