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  • 09 October , 2018
  • The Art of Chocolart Festival at The Hub Karen

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World Chocolate Day is celebrated globally on July 7. The Hub Karen drew inspiration from this international event to host a chocolate themed activation during the month of August.
The Art of Chocolart festival was a fun-filled 3-day event that involved the following activities:

• Sampling of all 6 flavours

• A price cut promotion at Carrefour to encourage sales.

• Dart board where participants could win chocolate and merchandise

• Puzzle board where groups of at least 3 people had to solve it under 5 minutes to win merchandise and product.

• A “POP ART” wall where balloons filled with colour are popped with darts to create a colour splash

• Jenga using Chocolart 90 gms

We also displayed a few art pieces by a local artist called Nephart to add onto the abstract art theme.

  • IMG_20180818_151522
  • IMG_20180819_121304
  • IMG-20180820-WA0015
  • IMG-20180820-WA0021
  • IMG-20180820-WA0022
  • IMG-20180820-WA0036
  • IMG-20180820-WA0045
  • IMG-20180820-WA0046
  • IMG-20180820-WA0049
  • IMG-20180820-WA0050
  • IMG-20180820-WA0054
  • IMG-20180820-WA0055
  • IMG-20180820-WA0056
  • IMG-20180820-WA0063
  • IMG_20180817_145346

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Further betting offers, which are offered to an individual customer at the discretion of the betting site, such as AdvanceBet and Promo Code Bets are also available at 1xbet. To read about the details of these offers, visit the Terms and Conditions Page under heading 4 - ‘Types of Bets’. Deposit or withdrawal is possible via payment systems: Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, eCheck, Cashier.Currencies: USD.The withdrawal limit is 50000 USD per 1 day. XBet online casino has a rich portfolio of casino games, split into different genres and categories. You can select from multiple live casino games, table games, 3D slots, slots, video poker, and other games. Thank you for a positive comment on our website. We will keep working on providing a great experience for our customers. Welcome to CasinoHex - #1 Guide to Gambling in South Africa, where best online casinos and casino games are gathered in one place! We offer a wide selection of free casino games of any taste. Here you can choose to play slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, scratch cards and video poker games without download or registration. Also, we provide a wide choice of South Africa casino reviews with latest casino bonuses to make your real money gambling more enjoyable. As the world is experiencing advancement in technologies, the emerging trends in innovative casino experiences now include a virtual casino experience that has been noticed to actively pull the crowd towards itself. Virtual casinos are now capable of giving punters an experience of traditional casinos with a premium feel. Safesite points out that Bitstarz offers its customers such live games in plenty to trim their experiences of online casinos with an equal amount of enthusiasm as regular casinos but from the comfort of their homes. Mega Ball, Super Sic Bo, Speed Auto Roulette, Super Six, Speed Baccarat G are some of such examples. Naturally, the casino Bitcoin method of payment is attractive to many players who spend a lot of time online at the best crypto casinos. If you’re interested in getting in on the action, it’s not as difficult as you might think. Bitcoin is stored in digital wallets, and you can find a number of wallets online. Simply sign up, download the software, and then start converting your money into Bitcoin. Once you have some currency in your wallet, you can start playing online!


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